Leading With Your Strengths

As I stated in my last blog post, my goal in sharing what I know about leadership is to empower Nevada Rainbow Girls to be the very best versions of themselves by using their natural talents to accomplish goals and become leaders in whatever aspects of life they choose.

There are many books, programs, and tools to use to enhance your leadership skills. It’s almost overwhelming when you begin browsing. However, you will eventually come upon some favorites! I’m happy to share one of my favorite tools, the StrengthsFinder self-assessment and StrengthsQuest website.

The Strengths assessment reveals your top-5 strengths and promotes the idea that you focus on your strengths in every aspect of life, NOT on your weaknesses. After all, the best leaders know they can’t be the best at everything. They seek assistance from others and build a well-rounded team with a variety of strengths in order to accomplish a goal.

With a focus on Strengths and using the tools in the StrengthsQuest website, these are some of the skills to be gained:

  • Learn to identify the strengths in others and understand your peers
  • Communicate with different types of people
  • Stand out without taking center stage
  • Work better with those who do things differently from you
  • Create a plan for accomplishing your goals using your Strengths
  • Promote the positive image that you want

I love Strengths because it presents a very positive approach to leadership training. With Strengths we’re always talking about and looking for the best we have to offer! The grand officers have taken the Strengths assessment and we went over their results at Leadership in August. Look out for lots more insights using the Strengths philosophy here on this blog.


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