There is a lot of discussion about the traits of a leader: what traits and habits do different leaders possess, with the ultimate goal of how one can adopt those habits or traits and become a leader too. The world can’t seem to come to agreement on what those actually are, though.

I would argue there are only a few traits that are shared among the world’s notable leaders, and the rest is a very unique combination of personal attributes, experience, training, and strengths. One of the few traits that does seem to be common among leaders of all kinds is persistence.

It is a misconception that those who are successful haven’t experienced failure. It is the persistence and tenacity, the ability to take our failures, learn from them, pick ourselves up, and try again that leads to success. It’s very easy to fail and think, “Well, I just can’t do this. It’s not gonna happen.” But that isn’t necessarily true. Failure is a normal and regular thing for leaders. If you’re experiencing it, you’re on the right track. You’re on the road those ahead of you have travelled before.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this beautiful infographic for just a few (MAJOR) examples. (I REALLY like infographics, by the way.)


So, what are you trying to do? How many times will you try?

For more on the subject as it relates to entrepreneurship, visit the designer’s original post here at Funders and Founders.


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