Discover Your Strengths

I introduced Strengths in this blog post 2 weeks ago. It’s my favorite tool for increasing your self awareness and is a great foundation on which to build your own leadership platform. I went on to further explain what Strengths is in this blog post last week.

The Grand Officers have had the opportunity to take the Strengths assessment through the StrengthsQuest website. At Adult Leadership in less than 2 weeks, the adults will hear more about the assessment, what the girls learned, and what more there is to learn in the future. They will each have the opportunity to take the assessment themselves and discover their top-5 Strengths, out of a possible 34:

I’ve worked with a variety of ages with the StrenghsQuest tools, from college freshman to retired professionals. Gallup organization created this program after their decades of business consulting and working with individuals and teams. I’m excited to talk to the Rainbow adults about it in Tonopah!

Adults, please email and I can set you up with the assessment. Gallup runs the program and charges $9.99 for the access code, and then you get access to the entire StrengthsQuest site of tools. I’ll direct you through everything.

Grandies, you can look forward to sharing your results with your adult volunteers in order to explore the many ways everyone can work together, and discovering the broad variety of Strengths your adults bring to the organization to support you.


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