A New Weekly Theme

Next week we’re going to start something new on the blog. I’ve talked about the Strengths assessment a few times so far.

There are 34 possible Strengths and everyone has a top-5 revealed by the assessment. The grandies already took the assessment and here are the results of that, in a beautiful wordle.

Grandie wordle 2015.09.13

This is based on ALL the grand officers’ strengths. (For those not familiar, a wordle is formed by making words appearing more often, appear larger in the image, so the strengths that more grand officers have, appear larger above.)

Each week here on the blog, we’ll highlight a new Strength to learn more about it, starting with those that show up most often among the current corps of grandies. Next week’s Strength will be Includer. Watch the blog to learn more about YOUR strengths and the strengths of those working around you. I cant wait to learn more about Nevada Rainbow’s leaders.

Adults, please email christina.schombs@gmail.com and I can set you up with the assessment. Gallup runs the program and charges $9.99 for the access code, and then you get access to the entire StrengthsQuest site of tools. I’ll direct you through everything.


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