Strength of the Week – Includer

As I stated last Monday, every week now we will focus on a new Strength and look at it in more depth. This week’s Strength is Includer.

Some common phrases you might hear from someone with Includer in their top-5 Strengths are:


Includers are naturally intuitive about others feelings and when someone is feeling left out. They are the first to welcome a newcomer. They will find the person not talking to anyone else and talk to that person. They don’t like ‘velvet ropes’ and exclusive groups.

Are you a shy person? Just find an Includer and they will make you feel much more comfortable where you are.

If you’re nervous about doing something new, bring your Includer friend and she will be naturally tuned in to when you might feel left out.

Do you need someone to confide in? An Includer does not like to cast judgment and is an instinctively accepting person.

Some fun facts about Includer:

  • 12% of people have Includer in their top-5.
  • The Strength most often paired with Includer is Positivity.
  • The Strengths least often paired with Includer are Command and Maximizer.
  • Includers not only include everyone, but they see the value in everyone.

For those without Includer, these are some Strengths that might help you be more Includer-like:

  • Woo
  • Empathy
  • Connectedness
  • Ideation

Who do you think are Includer in your life?

Maybe an Includer helped start this movement…



Find out if Includer is in your Top-5 Strengths. Nevada Rainbow Grand Officers and adults have been invited to take the Strengths Assessment. Haven’t had the chance to take it yet?  Email to get set up.


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