Strength of the Week – Restorative

I’m particularly excited about this week’s Strength, Restorative! That’s because it’s one of my Strengths and I know I use it in many ways in my life. It motivates me to think, do, create, and come up with new ideas. A lot of the Grand Officers have Restorative as a top-5 Strength, so let’s learn some more about what our Grandies can do with Restorative.

These are some of the thoughts that might go through a Restorative’s mind, when confronted with a problem:



Restoratives see problems as a normal part of life and are even motivated by problems. They are the ones who are calm in the face of crisis.

Your Restorative friend might be the first one to volunteer to help you when you have a problem. She will not only listen to your problem, she will search for solutions, help you act on them, and point out the exact cause of the problem so you can help prevent it from happening again.

Restoratives help just for the sake of helping. The act of helping is its own reward.

Some fun facts about Restorative:

  • The Strength most often paired with Restorative is Responsibility
  • The Strength least often paired with Restorative is Maximizer and it is the least likely pair among all 34 Strengths
  • Restoratives are energized by problems, where others feel drained by them
  • Restoratives are sometimes very self-critical when it comes to their own problems

If this is you, these are some Strengths that enhance your Restorative. If this isn’t you, these Strengths can help you relate to, work with, and solve problems like a Restorative:

  • Deliberative
  • Ideation
  • Focus
  • Includer
  • Arranger

Are you a Restorative? Then, I have a great Halloween costume for you…



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