Strength of the Week – Strategic

This week’s Strength is Strategic. This is another one I’m super excited about because it is one of my Strengths and it can be useful in so many ways!

One of the easiest ways to understand the Strategic Strength is to think of a Strategic in traffic.

She knows where she needs to go and knows there are 4 different main routes to get there. Along those routes, there could be 3 possible detours on each. She knows how to navigate all of those. She can switch routes at any time. She can think about the 4 routes and 3 detours (that’s 12 routes total) almost simultaneously, considering what day it is, the time of day, the weather, special events going on in town, then quickly know exactly which route is the best to travel. She does this faster than anyone else, leaving everyone wondering why she chose the route she did.

While on the road she can anticipate the small details, what the drivers around her might do at any given moment, sees the slow-downs from miles away, and quickly finds the fastest lane. She can experience a new detour and navigate that with ease, creating a brand new “known route” in her head from that one experience, and she’ll know how to travel it backwards too, without even concentrating very hard.

Strategic does this all throughout her day. She thinks about the different things she needs to do, goals she has, problems that need to be solved, and she can see many paths at once. She quickly compares all of her options to make the best choice. It is so valuable to have a Strategic on your team!

Here’s what it might look like inside a Strategic’s head:


Decision tree image

Some fun facts about Strategic:

  • Of the more than 12-million people who have taken the Strengthsfinder Assessment, Strategic is one of the top-5 most popular Strengths.
  • The Strength most often paired with Strategic is Achiever.
  • The Strength least often paired with Strategic is Harmony.
  • A Strategic is not satisfied sitting still, whether in life or in traffic – they don’t like maintaining the status-quo!

Thinking about Restorative from last week, a Restorative is trying to take something that is broken and bring it back to working order, while a Strategic will try to take something from just working, and make it work great. What a great hand-off between these two.

Are you a Strategic? When working with others, it may be difficult for some people to understand your thinking because your Strategic takes you to places they can’t yet see. Be sure to go back and explain things to the people you’re working with.

Some of the Strengths you would work best with are:

  • Arranger
  • Analytial
  • Futuristic
  • Maximizer

If you’re not a Strategic, the best way to work with a Strategic is to encourage them to communicate and not hold all those thoughts inside their head. Then utilize them to help figure out the steps to accomplishing your goals!

You should absolutely make friends with a Strategic today!



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