Strength of the Week – Relator

We’re covering a new Strength every week from the Strengthsfinder Assessment, which reveals your top-5 Strengths. This, our 4th week, we will cover the Relator Strength.

Relators have an exceptional ability to develop authentic relationships with people. Other people sense this ability and are drawn to Relators and want to get close to them. Here’s a visual:


While Relators are great at developing relationships, they don’t develop super close relationships with many people. A Relator will quickly classify their relationships like this:

  1. Acquaintances (people you know and are “friendly” with but aren’t close to you).
  2. Groups of friends (you call them your friends but you don’t completely open up to them – they aren’t in your “inner circle”).
  3. Close personal friends (this is a pretty small number of people you will share more with than anyone).

Relators can develop relationships with people that will last for years and this can be so helpful when they need to call upon those people for help. In the last minute, Relators are likely to find a friend to help them move. When looking for a job, Relators can often reach out to friends for inside-information and referrals. Their friends are automatically willing to help them.

Relators aren’t just good at forming the relationship, their real genius comes from being able to quickly and correctly identify the potential for a deep relationship in someone they’ve just met.

Do you have Relator in your top-5? Here are some fun facts about your Relator Strength:

  • Relator is the 3rd most popular Strength among everyone who has taken the assessment – 28% of people have Relator in their top-5.
  • The theme most often paired with Relator is Responsibility.
  • The themes least often paired with Relator are Woo and Command.
  • Sometimes others may feel more connected to you than you feel to them.
  • You’re likely to start a project or even a business with your friends!
  • You prefer more personal, less formal interactions and that makes people feel at ease around you.
  • The Strengths Deliberative, Intellection, Focus, and Belief can sharpen your Relator and make you even better at forming and maintaining deep connections with others. If you have more than 1 of these in your top-5, forming relationships might be your super power!

Don’t have Relator in your top-5? Well here’s why you want a Relator on your team:

  • They can help the team feel closer and create an environment of trust among members… everyone feels more connected to each other and to their cause.
  • They see the potential for relationships to form among other people and can help make that happen. (Ask your Relator friend for advice about your own relationships.)
  • They also see where some relationships might not work out and can help avoid any conflicts.
  • Their willingness to operate 1-on-1 with different members of the team and get to know them better, creates relationships for that team that will last long after the project is over.

A good mantra for a Relator

Relator - seatmate quote


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