Strength of the Week – Futuristic

Are you able to see what things could be, before anyone else?

Has anyone ever called you a dreamer?

Can you walk into a old, run-down house and see it in it’s future, refurbished shining glory, picturing the furniture, artwork, and paint colors that will turn it into something new?

Are you great at not only thinking about, but also planning for the future?

If so, you might have Futuristic as one of your top-5 Strengths! This week we’re going to take a look at this majorly awesome Strength.


Fun facts about Futuristic:

  • 11% of 13 million people who have taken the Strengthsfinder assessment have Futuristic as a top-5 Strength.
  • Futuristic most commonly appears with the Strategic Strength in someone’s top-5.
  • futuristic will be very frustrated with maintaining the status quo. She is always wanting to make something better for the future.
  • Futuristics can be inspiring to others and a guiding force for others to believe in because they excite the imagination.
  • futuristic will see things or others in a better state than they actually are, because they are envisioning what will be in the future, and to them that future is concrete.
  • Futuristics can not only see things others can’t, they also have the (sometimes hidden) ability to beautifully describe this future they envision and create excitement from it.

Need a little motivation in seeing and planning 5, 10, or even 20 years ahead? Ask your futuristic friend for help. She will probably be excited to help you and see possibilities you have never even thought of.

Is there someone in your life you feel is sometimes ‘out in left field’ or not very realistic? That person might be a futuristic and she is someone whose talent can help everyone figure out what to do now in order to create a successful future. Remind her to tell you about what she envisions!

Sometimes a futuristic might need to curb her abilities when it isn’t time to talk about visions for the future, or when someone else is in charge of creating the vision (like getting involved in someone else’s wedding planning). If a futuristic is in your crew, just remind her when she needs to do this and give her time to work on it – it’s not natural for her to stop planning the future.

Are you a futuristic?

Futuristics can aim higher by learning to communicate their vision using all 5 senses, and by evoking emotion. Describe the future to others by explaining how each sense will experience it, and acknowledge the emotions the current state evokes, then what the future will evoke. Some futuristics haven’t tapped into the communication ability because they haven’t practiced it often (not everyone is ready to think about the future with them) but once they do they will take this Strength to new heights.

I wonder if any of the founders of the United States had futuristic as a top-5 Strength…



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