Strength of the Week – Communication

We are continuing to look at brand new Strength from the Strengthsfinder Assessment each week. This week’s theme goes along with the team building activities from Rainbow Camp. Communication!

Here are some of the words someone with Communication in their top-5 Strengths might hear used to describe them:


Some fun facts about communication:

  • 13% of people who have taken the Strengths Assessment have Communication in their top-5.
  • Woo is a Strength that is likely to be paired with Communication.
  • Deliberative is not likely to be paired with Communication in a person’s top-5, so if you have that combo, you are very unique!
  • Some combinations that might pair powerfully with Communication in your top-5 are belief, futuristic, and positivity.
  • Being understood is very important to a Communicator and when they aren’t understood, they often think of it as their failure.

Communication is a social theme and those with this Strength are energized by communicating with others. They hate sitting on a long flight or car ride without someone to talk to. However, they don’t just want to talk, they want to engage with other people. To them, “Silence is Golden” is not a true statement!

Tips for those with Communication:

  • You have a natural ability for verbal communication as a conversationalist, presenter and pubic speaker but you may also be a very good writer.
  • You’re not only good at talking to people, you’re good at dialogue, the back and forth of a conversation that keeps it flowing and interesting.
  • You can help people understand what each other are saying. Use this super-power to assist others on your team by chiming in when necessary, “What I think she means is…” and explain.
  • Another super-power you may have is being able to hear what isn’t being said, and drawing that out of others.
  • If you’re often getting in trouble for ‘talking too much’ – don’t worry about it! Just practice using your strength in the right places, respect the rules, but remember that you have the potential to one day get paid to ‘talk too much.’

Communicators are great storytellers. In that spirit, I’d love to share two great stories I heard about Communicators on Gallup’s Theme Thursday video about Communication.

Communicator travelled to Europe with her aunt and they accidentally got off at the wrong train station in Hungary. They didn’t speak the language but her aunt was trying to talk to people, asking them for help so they could get to where they needed to go, and no one was understanding her. However, when the Communicator began asking for help, automatically using her talent at choosing her words carefully, using hand gestures like she always does, and paying attention to what the other person needed from her… even though she also did not know the language, they understood her and the ladies were able to find their way!

One of the Strength gurus at Gallup knew of a person with Communication in their top-5 Strengths. This person was blind and hearing impaired. She spoke only using sign language and the guru telling the story did not know sign language at all, but he was able to understand some things she was communicating because this Strength was coming through in her gestures and body language, even with the use of zero verbal communication!

Perhaps a Communicator would enjoy this quote from Harry Potter. I often find it inspiring:

Communication Dumbledore meme



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