Strength of the Week – Positivity

I’m so excited about this week’s Strength, Positivity! It is one of my favorite Strengths. Okay, so maybe I say that about a lot of Gallup’s Strengthsfinder themes. But I really do mean it about this one. Let me explain why…

Those with Positivity can emotionally influence people, having a positive effect on the emotional environment of their team (or any group of people they are around). How’s that for a super power?

Positivities are often seen as fun, optimistic, joyful, generous, energetic, cheerleaders, enthusiastic, hopeful, joyful people. Something you might hear from someone with Positivity:


Some fun facts about positivity:

  • Positivity is most often paired with the woo Strength (we’ll talk more about that one in April).
  • Positivity might be enhanced by maximizer or futuristic Strengths, creating a super power that is unique to you.
  • Positivity might be balanced out by command or restorative strengths. You can use one of these Strengths to understand the best place to use your Positivity.
  • Someone with Positivity might be that person in your group who is always trying to get a celebration started, or get people together by bringing snacks to work or an event, suggesting an outing, etc.

If you have Positivity in your Top-5 from the Strengthsfinder Assessment, you might have seen this evolve in your life (or maybe you’re in the process of seeing it evolve right now). Here’s what Positivity can look like in it’s raw form, before someone is aware of it or knows how to use it:

“Negative people bring me down, so I avoid them”

And here’s Positivity can look like in its more mature, heightened, super-power form:

“I know I can help negative people, so I’m drawn to them”

So, does someone with Positivity ever get negative, unhappy, sad, or down about things themselves? Of course they do. They go through the same natural feelings all of us do. What a Positivity can do better than anyone else, though, is find the silver lining. They can always see a way that things will get better. Call upon your Positivity friend when you’re feeling down and they can help show you the light.

Positivity meme

So, does all of this sound like you? Then I also have a little bit of advice for you folks with Positivity: Learn to realize when others are not able to see the good side of the situation. Maybe they want to, but they just don’t have the Strengths to see it… YET! Be patient, know when you need to give them time, and try again later. You might not even be the best person to help them get there, so suggest other resources if it’s not working. Let them go through things in their way, offer what you can, respond to the cues, and (of course) stay positive!


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