Strength of the Week – Individualization

Are you naturally good at understanding people, who they are, and what they’re good at? Do you always seek out the perfect gift for your friends and family? Do you embrace and celebrate diversity among the people in your life? If so, Individualization might be one of your Strengths!


Fun facts about Individualization:

  • Individualization is most likely to be paired with the Relator Strength or the Empathy Strength.
  • Individualization is least likely to be paired with the Consistency Strength (because they treat each person uniquely).
  • Individualizations can sometimes be so in tune with other people’s qualities, they can take on their mannerisms, accents, hand gestures, phrases, and body language.
  • Individualizations can be extremely accepting of people because they not only notice how each person is unique, they enjoy each person’s uniqueness.

Individualization is all about people. Those with this Strength like to work with people, whether that’s some kind of job where you have lots of different kinds of people as clients and customers, or you do something else but you work on a team of people you get to interact with often.

This super-power of the Individualization Strength is to be able to quickly understand how every person is unique. An Individualization enjoys thinking and talking about people, not as gossip, but to analyze and appreciate who they are. It would be a great in a leadership position – the Individualization leader would be very good at putting the right person in the right role.

What can this Strength do for your team? How can you put your Individualization super-powers to use? This Strength allows you to discover hidden talents in others. You might take it for granted and assume other people know these things about themselves, but that is often not true. You would be really great at holding up a mirror to others, allowing them to see all of the wonderful qualities they possess. What a lovely gift to give others!

Individualization meme



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