94 Ways Rainbow Makes You a Leader

NV IORG logoIn celebration of the IORG’s 94th birthday, here are 94 ways Rainbow can help turn girls into leaders

  1. You get the opportunity to practice public speaking, which is great for school and your career.
  2. You understand that memorizing something makes it sound much better than reading it does.
  3. You learn how to actually memorize something.
  4. You learn how to speak with feeling and emphasis in the right places.
  5. You learn how to write a speech, which can make you a leader in any aspect of life.
  6. You can stand up and speak ‘on the spot’ in a room full of people (a huge fear for other people).
  7. You can work in teams with your peers to accomplish a goal.
  8. You can work by yourself to accomplish a goal.
  9. You can work against a deadline when others are depending on you to do your part.
  10. You can work with your peers of all different personality types and skill sets.
  11. You have worked with different kinds of adults, making you capable of working with others of any age/generation (SO helpful and unique for young people in their careers).
  12. You have experience handling potential conflict in a team when different people have different ideas, experiences, and working methods.
  13. You’ve made mistakes and know how to recover from them.
  14. You know the beauty of tradition.
  15. You can infuse a little of yourself into existing traditions.
  16. You can come up with new ideas.
  17. You are a creative thinker.
  18. You know how to implement new ideas and make them a reality.
  19. You’ve had experience with fundraising.
  20. You know how to work within a budget.
  21. You can create things with your hands.
  22. You’ve learned to appreciate the things that other people create.
  23. You can put on an event like nobody’s business!
  24. You know that thorough planning and preparation are the key to a successful event.
  25. You know that SOMEONE has to stay to help clean up an event and you might as well be the one to help.
  26. You can gather volunteers to help out with an event, project, or committee.
  27. You will always thank a volunteer for their time.
  28. You know the importance of BEING a volunteer.
  29. You know that being a volunteer needs no thank you.
  30. You know there is a time for you to step up and lead.
  31. You know there is a time for you to step back and follow.
  32. You aren’t afraid of hard work.
  33. You can make work FUN!
  34. You know that success means you have to have both hard work AND fun.
  35. You know that a party without cake is just a meeting.
  36. You know that a meeting followed by cake is the best type of meeting.
  37. You put enthusiasm into everything you do (because you know life’s boring without it).
  38. You understand how to dress appropriately for different occasions (your future boss will be very happy!)
  39. You can operate in an organization that has a ‘uniform.’
  40. You’ve learned proper hygiene.
  41. You can pick out appropriate accessories for the occasion.
  42. You know how to walk gracefully (helpful when you’re walking into an interview).
  43. You know where to put your hands and arms when you speak.
  44. You know that you should stand up when you speak.
  45. When you speak in a room full of people you know to look around the room, addressing everyone there.
  46. You use a tone of voice that is appropriate for the size of the room you’re in.
  47. You know some wonderful, “big” words to use in conversation when you need to impress.
  48. You understand there’s a time to speak up.
  49. You understand there’s a time to listen.
  50. You have developed a strong set of values.
  51. You know how to live those values in every aspect of your life.
  52. You can talk to other people about what your values are.
  53. You know the power of Love.
  54. You know the joy of Religion.
  55. You know the exhilaration of Nature.
  56. You know the truth of Immortality.
  57. You know the sacredness of Fidelity
  58. You know the sacrifice of Patriotism.
  59. You know the healing power of Service
  60. You know that Faith is the guide.
  61. You know that Hope lights the path.
  62. You know that Charity is the treasure.
  63. You have contributed to your local community.
  64. You have been of service to your friends and family.
  65. You have been of service to strangers with various challenges to overcome.
  66. You’re familiar with those in your community who have different needs.
  67. You’ve developed empathy.
  68. You have travelled (maybe in your part of the state, the whole state, or the country!).
  69. You know how to travel responsibly.
  70. You know how to handle a road trip.
  71. You’ve got some great car activities!
  72. You know how to treat your friends well.
  73. You know how to greet a visitor.
  74. You understand that a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet.
  75. You can hold your head up and look someone in the eye when you greet them.
  76. You know how to support your friends in their goals.
  77. You have been a mentor to those who are following your footsteps.
  78. You have been mentored by successful young women who have come before you.
  79. You know how to balance many activities in your life.
  80. You can prioritize between the things you have to do.
  81. You’ve developed a focus that will help you succeed with any task.
  82. You’ve had experiences that helped you discover what your strengths are.
  83. You can participate in a proper meeting.
  84. You can run a proper meeting.
  85. You have experience on a committee.
  86. You know how to be inclusive of others.
  87. You know how to acknowledge someone for their hard work.
  88. You know that a gift is better to give than to receive.
  89. You can be the center of attention without embarrassment.
  90. You can sit on the sidelines and cheer everyone else on.
  91. You understand that no task is too small to perform it with pride.
  92. You’ve learned to bloom where you’re planted.
  93. You know how to lead with dignity.
  94. You know how to follow with grace.
To learn more about Nevada Rainbow, visit http://nviorg.org/
To learn more about Rainbow in your area, visit https://www.gorainbow.org/

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