Strength of the Week – Adaptability

Do any of these describe you?


Are you super adaptable to change? Do you love variety? Do you prefer to live in-the-moment rather than think about the past or the future? Do you jump on-board when a new thing comes along, faster than anyone else? Well then one of your Strengths might be Adaptability!

Fun facts about Adaptability:

  • It is the 8th most popular Strength from the Strengthsfinder assessment – 17% of people have Adaptability in their top-5.
  • Those with Adaptability may have somewhat short attention spans.
  • However, those with Adaptability remain calmer than everyone else during a time of change, or even crisis, because they take everything day-by-day.
  • Adaptability is most often paired with the Empathy Strength in a person’s top-5 (often the situational awareness of Adaptability naturally brings about the social awareness of Empathy).
  • Adaptability is least likely paired with the Focus Strength in a person’s top-5 (they have much longer attention spans).

A person with Adaptability does well in the 21st century because change is coming about quicker than ever before. Your friend who always has the latest model cell phone, loves technology, and is the first to sign up for a new social media platform might have Adaptability in their top-5!

The super-power of a person who leads with the Adaptability Strength is her own ability to navigate change so well. This leader can influence others positively in a time of change because she doesn’t get overwhelmed. Others can remain calm and excited about the change with her as their inspiration. A time of change (or even crisis) is her time to shine, and she can even be a leader when she’s not the one in charge, just by being active in the group and sharing her excitement and calming thoughts.

If you have Adaptability, you may be someone who can have lots of different specialties/wear lots of different hats. You might be happiest working on a team or in a job where you can use this skill. In times when you need to focus on something for long periods of time, you can try breaking the task down into smaller pieces. For example, if you need to study for exams try studying one subject for a little bit, then switching to another when you’re losing your focus. Because you are often not interested in setting goals for the future, work with someone who is very good at this in order to accomplish more. And help others with the Strength that you have, living in the now…

Adaptability meme 2



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