Strength of the Week – Input

il_570xn-794329847_eenqDo you know someone who likes to collect things? Books perhaps, or magazines, notes, articles, or photos? Maybe even intangible things like contacts in their phone, facebook friends, vocabulary words, apps, files in their computer, bookmarked websites, pinterest pins, or information of any sort? Does this person not only like to collect these things, but to also to share them with people? Well, your collector friend might have the Input Strength!

I heard a great metaphor to describe InputInputs are like a sponge. They soak everything up, but a sponge was never meant to be a permanent container! It transports stuff from one place to another. That is an Input. They often just love to collect information and then share it with others.

That is the super-power of Inputs. They see the value in information or things, and they store it away. They often know exactly where it is stored (whether in their brain, their home, or the storage unit they rented to keep their stacks and stacks of books and notes from school over the years… because they’re addicted to education as well). They get exhilarated when they can retrieve that thing or information and use it to help build understanding. Inputs are vital in a group and can help everyone come together with a common goal or new idea.

Another way to look at it, is to view Input as a computer… a person with folders and folders just filled with information that can be retrieved for use at any time. These might be in physical form or strictly in their head.

Fun facts about Input:

  • It is the 6th most popular among all the Strengths – about 20% of people have Input.
  • It’s popularity among the grand officers puts it in the top 30%.
  • Input commonly appears with Intellection in a person’s top-5 Strengths.
  • Input least likely appears with Self-Assurance in a person’s top-5. If you have both of these Strengths, you are very unique! That is because Self-Assurance places confidence within themselves and Input places confidence in their many sources of information.
  • If you’re an Input you probably like to read a lot and you’d be an AWESOME trivia contest partner (or formidable opponent).

If you’re an Input you have the potential to be a subject matter expert in any subject that is of interest to you. How amazing is that? Your abilities can take you far and your natural inclination to share them with others can help create a more beautiful world!


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