Accomplishing Your Goals – Are They SMART?

Perhaps you’ve heard of SMART Goals – in school, at work, from a friend, mentor, or saw it on a poster once. Or maybe you haven’t heard of it. Among all types of people, old and young, experienced and novice, this type of goal planning is extremely helpful and far underused (even those of us who know this topic by heart don’t always use it while planning). So, what are SMART Goals?

Slide1Now that you’ve prioritized some tasks and goals from last week’s post, you can fine-tune each goal and make it a SMART Goal. One great reason for prioritizing goals first, is now you can make sure each one is Timed by setting a deadline for it, if there isn’t a deadline already established. However, you could craft your SMART Goals first instead, or perhaps these will exist on their own because they are more complicated goals than actual tasks. In last weeks post we included both in our prioritizing. To get you started thinking about your goals as new and improved SMART Goals, use this to ‘fill in the blanks’:


Here’s an example of what that might look like for the goal of delivering your Grand Representative Report as-written, with zero prompts:


This helps you realize your goals because it turns the thought of, “I want to do well on my report” into a specific plan that you can actually measure, take action on starting today, put into reasonable parameters, and has a clearly timed deadline. So, how many goals do you have before Grand Assembly this year, or beyond? Turn them into something more with this plan, and see how far it takes you!


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