Strength of the Week – Woo

There are 34 possible Strengths in Gallup’s Strengthsfinder Assessment. Each one brings something unique, positive and helpful to any situation. There is something to be admired in every Strength. However, some of us may especially admire some Strengths in particular. The reasons for this vary. One of the Strengths I am most in awe of, for reasons I will explain later, is woo!

So, what’s a woo, anyway?

WOO stands for “Winning Others Over.” The best way I’ve heard to describe it is a social courage. People who lead with woo have a natural warmth about them that invites others in. They truly enjoy meeting new people.

Are you a woo? Have people used these words to describe you?



The super-power of woos is that they are not only socially brave, they are socially intelligent. While the words above may accurately describe a woo, it doesn’t mean they’ll sit and chatter endlessly on an airplane with a person who is giving them clear signals they want to be left alone. They can even sense when someone really wants to engage, but just doesn’t know how. They’ll see that in the persons body language and facial expressions and will just start talking to her without hesitation.

Another super-power of woos is they are energized by large social engagements. Where others feel overwhelmed (with sweaty palms, heart racing, shaky voice, and terror in their eyes) walking into a room of 200 people we don’t know, a woos feel energized by it! They love it! They walk into that room with a natural curiosity about the people around them and the open willingness to meet everyone. That’s where the warmth comes from… their curiosity about people is genuine and that comes through in their interactions.

I think about woo in an organization like ours. How often do we have brand new girls and adults, or visiting girls and adults, and we can see the ‘shyness’ or difficulty entering our already established group of people? Haven’t plenty of us been there ourselves when we were new or visiting? A woo is a perfect person to make new people to our order feel noticed and cared for, immediately!

Woos have a speed to them – a sense of urgency about being social. They like to meet new people right away, and greet people they know as soon as they see them. I admire woos so much because the Strength is far outside of the Strength I often lead from – deliberative. If you are deliberative, you know what I’m talking about but if you aren’t, you can read about it here. We like to take our time in most situations, social ones included!

This is the beauty of Strengths…we learn to appreciate and admire each other’s differences. Even if you haven’t taken the Strengthsfinder Assessment, you can recognize the qualities I’m talking about in others through my weekly posts. I hope every week you find some new quality to admire in others, and appreciate about yourself!

One final word for woos out there, especially young ones. Don’t let it get you down when you get in trouble for talking too much. Many of the Strengths you have right now will be perfected over the years and will soon become your super-powers… even one that seems as simple as loving to meet people. Maybe this would be a woo‘s favorite thing about Rainbow…



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