Strength of the Week – Arranger

Every week we’re highlighting a different Strength from Gallup’s Strengthsfinder Assessment. The Grand Officers took this assessment last August and will have a chance to do so again this year.

This week’s Strength is one that is often misunderstood. If you’re an Arranger, this Strength isn’t necessarily about arranging things. It doesn’t always mean you’ve got the most organized desk in the neighborhood (though it possibly could). Arrangers are all about getting things done by coordinating the work of others, so often they “arrange” people, or processes. A great way to envision an arranger in their natural habitat would be an orchestra conductor…


Some fun facts about Arranger:

  • About 14% of people who have taken the Strengthsfinder Assessment have arranger in their top-5.
  • Responsibility is the Strength most often paired with arranger.
  • Command is the Strength least often paired with arranger.
  • Arrangers often amaze people with the amount of information they are capable of holding in their heads.
  • Arrangers are not only capable of juggling a lot of things at once, they get energized by it.
  • Arrangers are often the least productive when they don’t have much to do. They will sometimes procrastinate, holding off until more things come along or the pressure is greater… then their energy will kick in.

Do you work with an arranger? Don’t let her get too bored, and don’t be afraid to give her plenty to do if she needs more. The arranger on your team might be really great at organizing things that she isn’t even very knowledgable about (think about this… the musicians in an orchestra can play their instruments better than the conductor, but she’s still the best person to bring everyone together to make amazing music none of them could make on their own).

Are you an arranger? Your super-power is in your ability to put together amazing plans at a level of complexity others cannot. You actually enjoy doing these things and can get them done in a fraction of the time than others can. You’re capable of organizing change within an organization that can take it to a whole new level of excellence, all because you see the potential in the people and resources available to you – you quickly understand how to use people and things to the best of their abilities! It’s like your 6th sense…




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