Accomplishing Your Goals – Habits that Hurt

Have you ever been in a situation where you try over and over again to accomplish a goal or improve something in your life, but no matter what you just keep failing? You keep trying new things, taking suggestions from other people about new ideas that worked “so well” for them… but nothing is working for you.

Maybe it isn’t the new ideas and new actions you’re taking that are the problem. Perhaps there are some old habits you have that need to be ditched first before you can create something new in your life and accomplish your goals. We all have habits that get in the way of what we want to do or who we want to become. Here are some common ones:


These things might be getting in the way of your relationships, your goals, and affecting every day negatively, sometimes in ways you aren’t even aware of until after the old habit is gone. Take some time to sit down and look at the list. Think about what you could add to it to personalize it for yourself. What habits are getting in your way? Make your own list. Then, take action!

Here’s how you’ll do it. Once you have your list completed, grab a notebook or stack of paper (preferably lined) to make an action-plan book. For every bad habit in your list, write out the actual consequence of that habit (how it is negatively affecting your life). Then, write out what the successful new habit will be and how it will benefit your life. Lastly, you’ll create a 3-step action plan to start this new habit along with the date you’ll start working on it. Here’s an example of what that might look like:


Writing out how the bad habit affects you and how the new habit will benefit you is much more impactful than just creating to-do lists. You might also have more than 3-steps to your plan, but don’t create more than 5 (otherwise you might need to consider splitting up your habit into 2, with separate plans). No matter what, just be sure to add the start date. You’ll do this for each of the habits you’re working on. Do NOT overlap any start dates. A new habit takes practice and focus. If you do too much you’ll set yourself up for failure. Lastly, stick to your start dates once you set them! Consider them a plane departure. Be there, otherwise the opportunity for self-improvement will ‘take off’ without you!


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