Strength of the Week – Achiever

This week’s Strength from the Strengthsfinder Assessment is really easy to understand. Achievers are those people who seem to get more done than absolutely anyone else you know. They get more done in a day than others can in a week. They might amaze you with their abilities and energy. Maybe they’re early-risers. They’re very likely list-makers. They are absolutely the inspiration for this saying:


Achievers just can’t help getting things done. While others might find a thrill in ditching the to-do list for a day of unscheduled fun, an achiever finds their thrills in completing just one more task… and then another… and then another…

35% of people who have taken the Strengthsfinder Assessment have achiever in their top-5 Strengths. It is a common Strength, but still amazes those of us who do not have it! For those without this in their top-5, a day filled with the kind of stamina an achiever maintains would be quite exhausting. It just seems to come natural for achievers, though.

If you’re looking for motivation to get through your own to-do list, pair up with your achiever friend for a work day. Her energy and motivation will inspire you all the way to the finish line! If long-term projects are difficult for you to maintain because the satisfaction of completion seems so far away, pair up with an achiever to get it done. They never lose sight of the finished task, and take joy in ‘marking off’ 10% completion, then 20%, then 30% and so on until it’s done.

If you’re an achiever, you know what your skills are. Just remember that everyone else may not operate at the same level as you. While work is energizing for you, breaks may be energizing for others. You likely don’t need a lot of supervision. Just remind those in charge of that fact, and then keep doing your thing to wow them with your productivity. Sometimes people may think that you value the work that gets done more than the people who do it. That is probably not true, it’s just what comes across in your task-oriented behavior. Take extra care to show how much you value those around you. Maybe put an act of appreciation for others on your to-do list so you’re sure to get it done!

As for your super-power, you are someone who never needs to be reminded of this…



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