Who do you want to be?

On Monday we looked at the Achiever Strength and I posted this to go along with it…


As Grand Assembly approaches, I thought it would be worth it to talk about this a little more. I know from experience that there are many things Rainbow Girls and Adults do to prepare for Grand Assembly, some of which go completely unnoticed or unrecognized by those around them. The work isn’t ignored on purpose. It’s just that others aren’t aware of what goes into putting registration together, or making costumes, or organizing a skit, or driving a long distance after a long day at work, or organizing care packages for the Grandies, etc.

So many girls and adults are hard at work right now doing things they won’t exactly get “credit” for. And this doesn’t only happen during Grand Assembly time. Rainbow Girls and Adults tend to give freely of ourselves. It’s in our nature. We give more at work, in our other organizations, at school, with friends and family, etc. We sometimes do things for others that aren’t reciprocated. It’s easy to get frustrated in situations like this, where you feel like you give more than others. It’s easy to ask the question, “Why am I doing this?” and to consider not being a part of it anymore.

The important questions to ask yourself in situations like this are:


How much giving are you comfortable with? Everyone will have a different answer. There’s no right or wrong. The answer might also vary at different times of your life depending on what else is going on. Sometimes we are just able to give more than at other times. What matters most is that you are deciding this based on what you can do and what is consistent with your values. Do not let others dictate the type of person you will be. Never change who you are just because one person makes you feel unappreciated. You have to answer for yourself in this life, and everyone else will too.


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