Strength of the Week – Context

You’ve probably heard the saying that something is taken “out of context.” Have you ever thought about what that means? It means that some information is delivered without full understanding of the background and circumstances surrounding it. Someone with the Context Strength would hate to make that mistake!

People who “lead with context” (that means they have this Strength in the top-5 Strengthsfinder Assessment results and they use this in their daily lives to accomplish things) have such a unique natural talent. They are the reason the rest of us learn things!

Slide1Context is all about thinking, specifically about coming to understanding. Contexts want to learn the background of things, where they come from, and their stories in order to gain understanding. They might often ask questions like “Where are you from?” wanting to know someone’s cultural or geographical background. It is a frame of reference for them because they likely have gathered information that will help them understand that person better.pexels-photo-large

Contexts might be big readers. They might seek out a degree in history or take lots of history classes. They may love to travel and to see historical sites when they do. They might love maps, memorabilia or artifacts of the past. They take these things and learn from the past in order to make better decisions for the future.

Sometimes a person with context might seem to be in another train of thought than someone with a differing Strength, like futuristic. Discussions between these two people might seem difficult, however both of these viewpoints are necessary in order to achieve your goals! Futuristics love to discuss what could be and contexts love to discuss what was, but remember when talking to a context, that they love knowing the past so they can make the best decisions for right now and the future. Don’t make the mistake of misunderstanding them!

Contexts know how things came to be. They have great memories and are wonderful resources about things you may not fully understand. They learn from the past to help everyone avoid those same mistakes to create success today. Their super-powers make them influential, credible members of our organization and community with a wealth of information and experience to share with us. Who do you know with this Strength in your own life?

Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

-Winston Churchill


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