Strength of the Week – Competition

How competitive are you? Everyone is a little bit, sometimes more so in different situations, and not much at all in others. And then there’s those who bring the spirit of competition into everything they do. They are always comparing themselves to others and using the performance of others as their own motivation to do better.

People have varying opinions about competition. Some people think it’s a great thing and they love it. It “makes the world go ’round” one might say. Others feel it is stressful or ugly, they don’t like the feeling of it or working with people who are too competitive. So, which one is true? Is competition a good or a bad thing? The truth is, it’s both!

In its less-mature form, the Strength of competition looks like this:

  • Can be a sore loser, gets upset, mad, throws a fit when you don’t win
  • Can be a sore winner, rubs it in when you win
  • Wants everyone to know that you won, maybe making other people feel bad without noticing

However, in its fully-mature form, someone with the Strength of competition can look like this:

  • Will still absolutely hate to lose, but you will have so much respect and admiration for the person who wins
  • Applies your competition to others and pushes others to do better, becomming a natural coach or cheerleader for others
  • Willing to try new things, things that others find scary, or to take on big challenges

Is competition one of your top-5 Strengths? Do you love to keep score and feel energized by it, where others feel stressed by it? You might find lots of folks who tell you not to worry about what others are doing, to focus on yourself. That your only competition is in the mirror. However, these people don’t understand the benefits that competition brings you; that it makes you better. Don’t fight against something you do naturally, just work to develop it into its mature form.

Do you have a competition friend, or work with someone with this Strength? Don’t hesitate to share your own challenges with her. She’ll share in your frustrations and your victories. Remember that she sees difficult challenges as motivation and this is a rare quality. Let her gain the energy she needs from it and encourage her as she pushes herself.






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