Happy Memorial Day

Today, we take a moment to honor those who have given their lives in service to our country. It is the greatest sacrifice any military woman or man can make. Many have made the sacrifice, as have their families and friends as they carry on without them.

This blog is about leadership and here we define it as working to become the best version of yourself, using your natural talents in whatever aspect of life you choose. Joining the military is a tremendous commitment. It is not one that every person can make. Just the choice to follow that challenging path is a huge step toward living your life as a leader.

Let us honor their courage to follow this path to personal excellence, and the achievements each has made in their too-short lives as leaders in our country. Let’s celebrate their lives and thank them by working every day to better ourselves and lift each other up as vibrant, contributing members of our communities and our country, which they loved and died for.

flag memorial day


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