Have you ever been in a class, concert, or any kind of event where the room was just filled with an energy that made everything seem more exciting? It’s the effect of being a part of a responsive, excited, and enthusiastic crowd! I, personally can relate to this at the movie theater when I attend a midnight showing of the latest installment of a big movie franchise. The crowd at midnight are the BIGGEST fans. They cheer when the movie starts, when the hero races onto the screen (and often the villain too), laugh at all the jokes, and react with glee or dismay at just the right moments.

My most recent experience was with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I saw it at midnight opening night and I saw it again a couple of weeks later. The second time seeing it was pretty much a bummer compared to the first. You just cannot beat the feeling of being a part of an enthusiastic crowd!

Think about this for Grand Assembly next week. What will the crowd be like? Excited and enthusiastic? After all, those in attendance will be Nevada Rainbow’s biggest fans! You will be a part of that crowd and you can make the choice to bring all of your enthusiasm with you. Let’s make this Grand Assembly the most exciting and fun yet!



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