Women Helping Women

Last week I read an article about women helping women. The article made the point that the “mean girl” is a myth… that it is often women helping other women at school, at work, in sports, or other organizations, more so than males helping their female peers. Of course, there are still women (and men) out there who don’t help each other, but “mean girls” and “catty women” aren’t nearly as common as the stereotype would lead you to believe.

Never have I seen the truth of this more than in Rainbow! I have seen so many amazing female friendships, mentor relationships, even cases of friendly competition (you know that girl in your assembly who drives you to be better because she does so well with her memory work, has such successful service projects, writes amazing speeches, etc.). There is no other organization that could create such a wonderful setting for these important female relationships.

I’m so thankful for my Rainbow sisters and adults. They have challenged me, taught me about friendship, love and loyalty, been there for me throughout my life, and the Rainbow adults still serve as mentors in my life. I’ve learned so much about myself, leadership, and the kind of person I want to be from each one of them.

What women come to mind for you when others mention the amazing female relationships in their lives? I bet a lot of them come from Rainbow!

female friends.jpeg


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