First Steps

Our new Grand Officers are off and running – some are already traveling, some are busy planning for the upcoming year, many already have deadlines due! Starting your new role in Rainbow is just like starting any brand new job. There are certain steps you have to take, and certain things you have to do before you can really feel comfortable in your role and have a successful year.

There are lots of tips and recommendations from professionals and leadership gurus about exactly what to do when you start a new job. A popular one is called the 30-60-90 plan… basically a to-do list for your first 30-, 60-, and 90-days on the job. I’ve created one for Grand Officers to follow in the first 30-, 60-, and 90-days in their new offices:

first 30 60 90 days

Would you add anything to the lists? Whatever you do, be sure you start off on the right foot. It’s hard to even keep up, let alone get ahead, if you don’t get a good, healthy head-start!


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