On the 4th of July every year I like to reflect on the history of our country, where we’ve come from and all that we’ve accomplished in the past 240 years (not to mention years of history leading up to that). I think about all the founding fathers did in the beginning and wondered what they imagined for us now… what hopes and dreams they had for us.

Those thoughts can put things into perspective when thinking of our personal hopes and dreams. This great country was a long time in the making and we’re still working to be even better.

Each of us are great in our own way and are actively doing things to be even better. Do you ever think about your dreams and get overwhelmed or discouraged with how long they will take to achieve? Well here’s a different way to think about it…

Time meme.jpg

It’s a good thing the founders of our country didn’t let themselves get overwhelmed by their big goals and dreams.

Whatever yours is, just get started. Even very small, teeny, tiny, itty-bitty steps are better than no steps at all. Don’t worry if it will take years to accomplish. Those years are going to pass no matter what so you might as well work on something while they do!


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