How Your Rainbow Travel Makes You A Better Leader

I just read a great article about how travel can make you a better leader and I instantly thought about the travel opportunities Rainbow offers. Rainbow travel makes the best memories, allows us to see more of our own states, the states around us, and the rest of our country. Rainbow offers us this fantastic opportunity for leadership growth and most of us don’t even realize it. Some of these are really good things you could talk about in a college application, an interview, or put on a resume:

Understanding and Appreciating Diversity

As we travel for Rainbow we see how other assemblies and states do things differently. Sometimes we love the new things we see so much, we adopt them as our own. At the same time it can make us see and appreciate our own traditions more, or helps us better understand the meaning behind our traditions. We also get to meet all different kinds of people in our Rainbow travels. We learn how to connect with people who do things differently and we become more open-minded as a result!

Inspiring Innovation

Experiencing different people, places, and things helps you in the rest of your life by opening your mind to new ways of doing things. Your creativity and problem-solving skills are expanded. You may come up with a brand new idea for your service project, fundraising, or membership drive because of your Rainbow travels. Seeing a new landmark or artwork in a new place might even give you some ideas for your school paper. You might come up with a great new idea for the bulletin board at your work, or an activity for your next work picnic. You never know where you’ll find inspiration but you for sure won’t find any by never experiencing anything new.

Creating a Community

The old style of leadership shows one leader at the top, directing everyone else below her. This isn’t quite the goal in today’s world. Now it’s about creating a sense of community where a group can come together to achieve great things. It’s about influencing people and helping them to do their best, not bossing them around. When you travel for Rainbow you’re getting exposure to all different types of Rainbow communities. You’re learning how to understand them and become a part of them, even for a short time. The practice you’re getting enhances your ability to understand what bring these communities together, what motivates them, and how they can best work together to accomplish goals. This will enable to you lead different types of communities in the future (or even now).

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

When you travel for Rainbow you’re going to a brand new place, with brand new people, who do things differently from you. You don’t know what to expect and you might be caught off guard or unprepared for something you’ll have to paSONY DSCrticipate in. This kind of experience is invaluable. There aren’t many great accomplishments in this world that are achieved from a place of comfort (I can’t think of one). To be a leader in your own life, to step up and lead others, or to push yourself to become better at anything involves hard work and taking risks. The sooner you become comfortable with that, the sooner you can start achieving more. You practice this every time you step out of your comfort zone and venture off somewhere new!


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