Grand Officer Leadership 2016

We just wrapped up a great weekend at Grand Officer Leadership 2016. Last year the girls were introduced to the Strenghtsfinder Assessment and this year we worked on it some more! The girls each had a customized report, unique to their own combination of Strengths. After a game of “cross the line” to get everyone up and thinking about their Strengths, we reviewed those reports. Next they created a visual representation of each of their Strengths using markers and paper, then posted them up on the wall to create “The Great Wall of Strengths.” This was representative of the Great Wall of China, the most visible Wonder of the World from space, to represent the idea that as we’re working together we’ll each keep the unique talents of each other “visible from space” and honor those all year long.

Next we practiced the ability to identify the Strengths of others using characters from Frozen and Harry Potter. The girls worked on guessing the Strengths of 4 characters, and for a bonus round guessed Mrs. Jacka’s and Mrs. Haartz’s Strengths! The last segment was about discovering what barrier labels might get in the way of others experiencing our Strengths for what they are. Barrier labels are negative labels others might apply to each of us because a Strength we possess isn’t something they understand or value. Those of us who are educated about Strengths know better, and can avoid applying barrier labels to others!

Some new things will be coming to the blog after Leadership. The first of those things will be having some of the girls write blog posts! They signed up at Leadership and will be asked to come up with topics of their own. Look out for some amazing blogs from them this year! Also, the girls nominated some members and adults they consider great leaders to be featured on the blog. You’ll see a few of those coming up soon, too.

It was so great to get together with everyone. I’m looking forward to a wonderful year FULL of leadership growth opportunities!


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