Rainbow Mentors

This past weekend the Grandies handed out “Big Sister/Little Sister” assignments for the year. The Big Sisters are there to lend a guiding hand to the little sisters (the 1st and 2nd year Grandies). They are there to essentially serve as mentors.

Rainbow is such a wonderful place to find mentors. It’s almost impossible to go through Rainbow and NOT come out with at least one wonderful mentor. The older girls, majority members, our Masonic supporters, parents, Advisory Board members, Mother Advisors, Grand Deputies, Directors, Committees, etc. – there are just so many experienced, wise, intelligent, trustworthy, and compassionate people around us. It’s one of the many wonderful things that Rainbow gives to you to last your whole life.

Who are your mentors in Rainbow? Have you thought about them as “mentors” before? If you’re not quite sure what I mean, here are answers to some questions you might have about mentors:

What is a mentor?pexels-photo-70292

A mentor is a person who is more experienced than you, who advises you or provides some kind of guidance in your life. Age, gender, title, etc. do not matter. It is just someone who has some knowledge you do not and shares that knowledge with you. This isn’t always “taught” to you directly. Some mentors live an example for you to see and help you just by watching their actions and decisions.

How do you find one?

They’re all around you. It can be anyone you feel has something to offer you. The best mentor relationships tend to have some sort of “connection” with each other and form naturally. This isn’t necessarily a friendship. There can be disagreements or tension in a mentor relationship. Mentors help bring about growth in your life and growth isn’t always a comfortable thing. But any good mentor relationship will always arrive at a place of positivity and appreciation.

How do you ask someone?

You don’t necessarily have to ask someone to be a mentor in your life. Some people may have become mentors and you didn’t even realize it! If certain people have come to mind while reading this, they are mentors for you. I would suggest you go to them and let them know. Tell them or write them a note, “I want you to know you’ve been a great example for me (or “given me great advice”, etc.) and you’re someone I think of as a mentor in my life.” Then thank them for the specific things they’ve brought to your life. This will solidify the mentor relationship for the future.

If there are people you’d like to get to know better and maybe serve as mentors for you, let them know and ask them. Tell them or write them a note, “I love talking to you (or “listening to you”). Some of the things you have to offer could be really helpful for my Rainbow/school/career/personal life. I’d like to talk to you more often as a mentor in my life. Would that be okay with you?” Trust me, they’ll be flattered!

How do you maintain the relationship?

In the world of social media, this is pretty easy. Use it to your advantage. Set a monthly reminder on your phone to check in with these people who have been your mentors. Even if it’s just to have a casual conversation about your new dog or a concert you’re going to, reconnect with them regularly. If you’re going through something major in your life and want to talk to them more often, suggest a weekly lunch! Be flexible if something else works better for them.

Why would anyone want to mentor me?

People, especially “Rainbow people,” like to help others. It feels good. It is also flattering and life-affirming to have someone value your thoughts and opinions. Also, YOU are a person with interesting traits and skills. Your mentors have something to gain from talking to you too!


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