New Experiences

Supreme Assembly is happening right now in Rhode Island and social media is lighting up with fun pictures and stories from the events taking place. Nevada Rainbow is ALL OVER the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls facebook page. Go Nevada!

One post in particular was eye-catching:

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 8.59.01 PM

It is so true that Rainbow gives you many opportunities for new experiences! Just think of the world of service that Rainbow introduces us to. The women, men, children, animals, environmental causes, etc. that benefit from our help and we, in turn, become more aware, compassionate, informed citizens. The travel to other assemblies and jurisdictions lets us meet new people and always provides for fun adventures on the side (like riding a camel)!

This is another way Rainbow helps us become leaders. You gain intelligence from learning new information. You gain wisdom from new experiences and Rainbow provides that from a young age, creating young women who carry on the rest of their lives ready for whatever will come our way.

#gorainbow on social media now! “Go Rainbow” in your lives every day!


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