Our Grand Officers are getting acquainted with their personal Strengths with the Strengthsfinder Assessment and beginning earlier in the year I focused on one new Strength (out of the 34 possible) every week on the blog. We took a break from that going into Grand Assembly but we’ll pick that up again starting this week with with Intellection.

Don’t forget, our Strengths are the ways we naturally think and behave – what we do best, probably better than everyone else around us (and everyone else has their own unique set of Strengths that make them uniquely talented).

woman-hand-desk-officePeople who have Intellection in their top-5 Strengths can be classified as “thinkers,” but they don’t just like to sit and think by themselves. They like to think with others too! That usually means having a good, smart conversation. Intellections might be interested in a variety of things. They usually like having time to think about something before they respond or share their thoughts, but when they do it’s usually pretty good stuff!

Intellections need stimulating ideas, thoughts, and conversations to stay focused and productive. If this is one of your Strengths, be sure you have plenty of people in your life who can help provide this.

One of the great things about working with someone with Intellection is that they can help others gain clarity or deeper understandings by sharing their thoughts.

Intellections might like to take time out every day early in the morning or late at night to sit and think. Maybe they’re planning their day, reading the news, pondering things that have happened, writing, etc. Whatever it is, it’s typically done in quiet solitude. Sounds nice to me!

Do you like to problem solve, come up with ideas, and try hard to fully understand people and situations? Do you rehearse conversations in your head? Have people told you you’re a very practical, reasonable person? Do you love Philosophy, Psychology, or literature classes in school? You might be an Intellection!

Do you work, go to school with, or have an Intellection friend? If so, be sure to give her time to think. When she needs time alone, don’t take it personally. If she sometimes goes off on a trail of thought outside of the discussion, just gently remind her you’d like to bring it back to topic. She just can’t help it! You have a lot to gain with deep conversations with your Intellection friend. She’ll really enjoy it too so ask her whenever you have something to discuss!

We’ll learn more about another new Strength next week, so “stay tuned!”


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