Good Sportsmanship

Watching the Olympics this week really makes me think of the value of good sportsmanship. There will always be someone better than you at something. Every athlete knows this. I think that’s what spurs such a feeling of camaraderie, and mutual respect among them. I just love watching them support each other.

the-basketball-team-sat-right-in-the-middle-of-the-stands-surrounded-by-other-team-usa-athletes-out-in-supportThe USA basketball players sitting in the stands to watch the swimmers compete, for example. These guys are NBA superstars, but they admire and respect the abilities of others and they show their support (and want to watch Michael Phelps make history). As I was watching Gymnastics today, I see competitors cheer for each other and “low-five” each other when they walk on and off an apparatus.

These people are world class competitors from all over the world. They’re different in so many ways. Some of them will perform at their best and win gold, silver, or bronze. Some won’t win any medal at all, even though they performed at their best. Some will make mistakes. But there’s one thing they have in common that is particularly admirable. A good attitude! They’ll leave the Olympics knowing they were a part of something amazing and had a wonderful experience, even those who didn’t “win.”

Take that lesson into the next thing you do. These athletes worked their whole lives for something and if they can enjoy their experience and walk away from the Olympics with their head held high no matter the outcome, you can face whatever you have to with a good attitude too. It’s your attitude, not any other factors, that determines your personal outcome. So, what kind of experiences will you have?



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