Strength of the Week – Developer

Each week we’re discussing a new strength from the Strengthfinder Assessment that the Grand Officers took. If you’re not familiar with this assessment, these posts can still apply to you because as you’re reading this you may realize this is YOUR strength or the strength of someone you know. It can help you understand those around you. This week we’ll discuss the Developer strength.

Developers have the unique talent to cultivate (or Develop!) the potential in others. Their talent is a beautiful one. They can very quickly see wonderful things about people that others might take years to see. They are even able to push people beyond what they think they can do, themselves! Developers get satisfaction from growth – seeing people, things, or plans grow into something wonderful.

Fun facts about Developer:

  • It is the 12th most popular Strength among all the people who have taken the Strengthsfinder assessment (over 13 million!).
  • It is more common to see a woman with the Developer strength in their top-5, than a man (though many men do have this).
  • Some countries where the Developer strength is more common are the United States, Germany, Thailand, and Singapore.
  • The strengths most often paired with Developer in a person’s top-5 are Empathy, Responsibility, and Positivity.
  • The strengths least often paired with Developer in a person’s top-5 are Command, Self-Assurance, Significance, and Focus.

pexels-photo-125454Are you a Developer? People might describe you as patient, encouraging, perceptive, self-sacrificing, or helpful. You might be a great manager, or coach because you are so great at supporting the growth in others. People who work with Developers feel naturally supported by you, so use that in your interactions with them. When you see those wonderful qualities in people, tell them. When you see their potential, let them know. Just be careful to not push people into doing and being things they don’t want to be.

Do you know someone who is a Developer? Utilize their talents to coach and encourage those around them. Listen to their insights about you and about other people. Understand that sometimes when they’re spending too much time on someone or something, they see something there that you do not. Have a conversation about it, rather than wonder or get frustrated.



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