Strength of the Week – Learner

Every week we’re discussing a new Strength from the Strengthsfinder Assessment. This week, it’s Learner.

Are you a naturally curious person? Do you feel like you’re going to be a lifelong student? Do you get excited when learning about new things or learning even more about your favorite subject? You might have Learner in your top-5 Strengths!

Learners just love the process of learning. It is often new things they love learning (picking up a new skill, hobby, or even changing careers), but some Learners just enjoy diving deeper and deeper into a few things they love. In other words, some Learners like to become experts and others like to be a “Jack of all trades.” No matter what, learning will always give them a boost of energy and confidence!

It just so happens that Learners are also great teachers! They understand the learning process very well. They can understand other people’s learning styles and then help them learn the best way for them… a sort of “custom fit” for your learning style like having someone make a dress that fits you perfectly. They could probably even do this with a group of people, making sure to touch upon something that would help each person in the group relate to the information.

The true super power of a Learner can come when they use their talents to understand a situation, person, problem, etc., and help make it better. Because of their natural inclination to learn everything they can about something, they can share that knowledge with others. Their dedication and enthusiasm will be contagious too!

Learners know this to be true and they are eager to learn at every turn…



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