Strength of the Week – Belief

Each week we’re looking at a new Strength from the Strengthsfinder Assessment. As a reminder, your strengths are the things you do best. They come natural to you, almost as easy as breathing, and the unique combination of your strengths is what makes you who you are.

Belief is all about values. People with this Strength in their top-5 are driven by certain values, or by a purpose or cause. Their values are pretty unchanging. What they believe, they believe with certainty. It lasts throughout the years and guides their decisions. They’re passionate about their beliefs and they share that passion with others.

There is sometimes the misconception that people with Belief are guided by religious beliefs. That might be true but isn’t a rule. Some people apply their Belief to their job, their education or clubs. For example, someone with Belief might:

  • Be a missionary or mission-driven, meaning they really believe in the mission of the club they belong to, the company they work for, the church they go to, etc. They believe in it to their core and will go around talking about it, spreading these beliefs.
  • Be very family-oriented. Family is the first thing any of us is a part of. It is the first thing for all of us to believe in. For those with Belief it would form the foundation of their values.
  • Want to join groups that are rooted in some cause (like Rainbow!) or work for a company that has clear goals to make a specific impact in the world. The impact could be anything (education, healthcare, constitutional rights, equality, world hunger, etc.) as long as it is something the Belief is passionate about.

The super power of Belief is that their passion can be contagious. They can ignite a flame in other people and get them to get excited about their cause, or to get others on their team to work harder for it. This is where the term missionary applies. They are excellent spokespeople for their missions!Believe final

Are you, or is someone you know a Belief? Honor those talents by sharing those wonderful passions with everyone. Just understand that others might not believe as strongly as you do all the time.


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