10 Reasons YOU Should Hire a Rainbow Girl

hire-a-rainbow-girl-finishedAre you an employer looking for a way to choose the best out of the thousands of applications you receive?

Are you a Rainbow Girl looking to get an edge in your career (or just land your first job) using your Rainbow experience?

If you answered “YES!” to either of those questions, worry no longer. I have your answers here…

10 reasons you should hire a Rainbow Girl:

  1. Rainbow Girls will look your customers or clients in the eye and smile when spoken to, thanks to their years working with the community. They’ll represent any company in a positive, impactful way.
  2. Rainbow Girls know how to properly speak to your customers or clients and how to stand up to give their feedback, deliver a presentation, or share ideas at a company meeting.  They will let their voice fill the room and address everyone in it while speaking, thanks to their years of experience communicating the lessons of Rainbow.
  3. Rainbow Girls will show up at work dressed appropriately because they’ve been used to a dress code since they were little (and an even bigger feat, they followed a dress code as teenagers!).
  4. Rainbow Girls can meet deadlines! They’ve been doing it since they were pre-teens. There isn’t a business on the planet that doesn’t operate on some sort of timeline where this skill will be crucial.
  5. Rainbow Girls know how to make work FUN, which will be infectious to those around them. Their attitude will make everyone else happy to be there. They put this into practice all the time, having fun whether they’re at a kidnap breakfast, a fancy banquet, or building a house for the homeless.
  6. Rainbow Girls will insert their own personalities into the work they do, making it uniquely successful and never boring. They’ve been a part of an organization with 94-year old traditions and they still manage to put their own twist on their projects, events, ceremonies and speeches.
  7. Rainbow Girls won’t leave you hanging! It has been engrained in them to follow through on their commitments.
  8. Rainbow Girls always pitch in to ensure the whole team can succeed. They don’t just sit around and let others do all the work.
  9. Rainbow Girls are team-players. They have a competitive spirit and want to perform well, but they want their peers to do well too! Everyone wins in the end.
  10. Rainbow Girls understand commitment. The organization takes so much more work than your average club or after-school activity. To be a leader in Rainbow means they’ve dedicated thousands of hours to community service, organizing events, writing speeches, learning memory work, and supporting their Rainbow sisters in a myriad of ways. This kind of commitment is a part of their values-system that they will bring to the workplace.

There you have it! During Labor Day week when we honor the working people of this country, make sure you have the best-of-the-best working for you. Hire a Rainbow Girl!


4 thoughts on “10 Reasons YOU Should Hire a Rainbow Girl

  1. I was one of the first members of Daylight Assembly #22 and was many office’s and went through the line to be Worthy Advisor and went on in my last year and was given Grand representative to Hawaii, joined Eastern Star and later was asked to join Daughters of the Nile.


  2. I received this on FB from my cousin who lives in San Francisco. She was originally from the Cleveland area. I am originally from Pittsburgh and now live near Erie, Pa. My sister continues to live in the Pittsburgh area. We are very old Rainbow Girls. (I am 61 y/o.) We all joined Eastern Star and my sister and I both belonged to Amaranth. Along with my sister we are all PWA’s. I have my Grand Cross and my sister was Grand Rep (I cannot remember to what state). This article put a very, very Big smile on all of our faces. You posts have reached all the way east past the Mississippi.
    My history goes back to becoming an RN and working for 33 years in various Pittsburgh ER’s and also as a Flight RN. I also have a Funeral Director’s/ Embalmers license. Yes, Rainbow gave me a great back round for school and life. You cannot put a price on the basic lessons you learn as you grow up in Rainbow for it is priceless. After we leave high school and continue our own life’s path each of us go in a different direction but some how many, many years later we receive a post on FB that leaves us all smiling! In sisterly love thank you.


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