Strength of the Week – Command

We’re still discussing a new Strength each week from the Strengthsfinder Assessment the grand officers took. Here’s this week’s…


Do any of these words describe you? If so, you might be a Command!

I’m super excited to talk about this Strength today. This is the most rare of all 34 Strengths (only 5% of people have this in their top-5), it is a very misunderstood Strength, and it’s one of my Strengths!

This Strength, to me, is what people think of when they think of the stereotypical definition of leadership:

One who always takes charge.

This isn’t exactly correct about Command, though. People with Command can and will take charge. They will especially jump in and do this when no one else seems to be leading. They are comfortable taking command! However, Commands can happily let others lead and really enjoy witnessing different types of effective leaders. They have a great respect for people who lead. They just can’t stand it when no one does.

Commands can be very persuasive. They use their own strong presence to influence people into action, and they can use their emotions very effectively. I don’t mean sadness or happiness… it’s excitement, or even frustration they utilize for good (because sometimes frustration motivates us to get to work to make something better). This is their super power. They can be energizing, even inspiring confidence in others by sharing with them how much they believe in them, or the good things they see in them.

Are you friends with, or do you work with a Command? If so, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • They often can’t rest until they share their opinion. They don’t need everyone to agree, or even to like it, but they have a strong need to share it.
  • They aren’t easily intimidated.
  • They are GREAT in an emergency, probably because they aren’t easily intimidated! Also because they can make decisions quickly.
  • They like a challenge and will often get bored without it.
  • They can have an intimidating presence but they like it when people push back at them.

A little more about that last point… Commands sometimes seem intimidating because they can be bold. That doesn’t make others feel comfortable pushing back, or others think Commands don’t want anyone to challenge them. This isn’t true. If you disagree or have other ideas, questions, comments about their leadership, don’t be afraid to share. They enjoy the discussion.

If you are a Command, just remember to use your Strength at the right time and place. A little maturity goes a long way with this Strength because it does make you a natural leader! Practice makes perfect.





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