Strength of the Week – Harmony

This week we’re learning more about the Strengthsfinder theme of Harmony.

To understand Harmony, think of it like this… a musical harmony is the combination of different notes and voices in unison. The end effect is more pleasing than one note being sung together. Harmonies understand this about people. They want a group of people, each with their own voice, to work together to get things done! They envision that not every person in the group is similar, but that their different “voices” make something unique together. That’s the power of their leadership.

Harmonies are very diplomatic, meaning they have a sensitivity in dealing with people and they are often successful at facilitating discussions and coming to a resolution. They’re peacemakers and are often described as “agreeable”. Their super power is being able to bring others to a point of agreement. They have the natural talent to do that. Here are a couple of quotes that would ring very true for a Harmony:

Harmonies are especially effective working in groups. They always want the end result to be calm cooperation but each person will have a different way of achieving that. Some Harmonies might avoid conflict and prevent it from occurring in the first place. Some might get right in the middle of conflict to help mediate an agreement. Others might like to stir up conflict in order to resolve it and get that out of the way so the good work can begin. No matter what, they have a talent for bringing things into harmony!



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