A Disney Lesson in Customer Service

I recently read a great article on the Disney Institute blog. It was about the value of customer service. Cast members at Disney parks are often asked questions that might seem a little silly, or have obvious answers. One great example is, “What time is the 3 o’clock parade?” “DUH – 3:00!” is the initial response, right? Luckily, Disney cast members won’t respond to people that way. That’s because Disney trains leaders!

Think about this… there is often something more behind an initial question or statement. The “What time is the 3 o’clock parade?” question probably means:

  • “What time should I get a spot for the 3 o’clock parade?”
  • “What time will the 3 o’clock parade make it to where I’m sitting?”
  • “When will the 3 o’clock parade end?”

The initial question provides an opportunity for you to show your leadership skills in a customer service position, and go above and beyond what the customer is asking for. A great response would answer all of the above questions and even tell them the best place to sit!

Do you work in a job that provides some kind of customer service? Most of us do, even office jobs whose “customers” are fellow co-workers. Do your bosses or co-workers ever ask “silly” questions like this? Take that as an opportunity to “WOW” them! And what about Rainbow? How often has someone asked you something “silly” about Rainbow?

  • “Is it a cult?”
  • “Why are meetings secret?”
  • “Is your hair real?”

That last one, our hairpiece-wearing grandies might even get asked by younger Rainbow Girls. The next time you’re asked these questions, take the opportunity to LEAD the conversation to something more meaningful, which is really what’s on their minds:

  • “Is it a cult?” probably means, “What is Rainbow?” or “What do Rainbow Girls do?” Answer that question with lots of examples, stories, even pictures from your phone.
  • “Why are meetings secret?” probably means, “What happens at your meetings?” Take time to explain, telling them it’s like an official meeting you might see at a city council. And then invite them to the next open meeting!
  • “Is your hair real?” probably means, “How do you do that to your hair?” Go on to explain how to put on a hairpiece and that it means you’re a Grand Officer and a leader in the order.

stupid-questionWhat other questions can you think of? What questions do you get at work, or would you get at at your dream job? Think about how to answer those now. They might be a part of an interview process!

Every position allows an opportunity to be a leader. Customer service is in all of us and it is no exception!


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