Strength of the Week – Significance

This week, let’s learn about the Strengthsfinder Theme of Significance. This is one that might be hard to understand for those who don’t have this Strength.

Those with Significance in their top-5 strengths are led by a desire to leave a legacy. They want to do meaningful work. They want their work to make a big impact that will affect and be noticed by many people.

The opportunity to do the big things that make a Significance happy doesn’t come around every day. So, how does a Significance function on a daily basis? Even though they can’t always make BIG impacts, they still want to have some kind of impact with the work they do, whether that is music, soccer, their customer service job, their ritual work, or crafts they make for friends. One thing that helps a Significance feel fulfilled is getting positive feedback on their work. As long as they see their work is appreciated, inspiring someone, helping someone, etc., they will be happy for the time being.

Small accomplishments may only keep a Significance happy for a short time. One good thing for a Significance to do is to keep a list of bigger goals and ideas posted somewhere they can see it every day. People with Significance won’t just keep looking at the list of goals and do nothing about it. They carry a great courage to go after these bigger goals like maybe hosting their own art show, writing a novel, starting a company, etc., whereas others might shy away from something such huge goals.

One challenge for a Significance is participating in more mundane tasks or busy-work. They sometimes run out of motivation to do these things However, we all have to do little, “boring” tasks sometimes. If this is you, just keep in mind the bigger picture that the smaller tasks will help you achieve. If you can’t stand your math homework, just remember it’s necessary in order for you to make it to college and become a pediatrician (or whatever)! Carry your math homework in a folder covered with images of the college you’ll go to, a doctor who inspires you, kids you’ll help, etc. Visuals are really important for a Significance.

If you know someone with this Strength, remember to give them feedback whenever you can. They thrive on it. Not because of self-interest, but because they so desire to make an impact on others. Also remember they can be motivated by the bigger picture while working and they’ll get excited about it. They can help others get excited about it too and can be really helpful to a team because of it.

Can you think of anyone famous who might have Significance in their top-5 Strengths? Maybe…




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