Strength of the Week – Self Assurance

Each week we’re discussing a new Strength from the Strengthsfinder Assessment. For a reminder about what Strengths are, check out this post.

This week’s Strength is Self-Assurance. I find something fascinating about each of the 34 Strengths, but this one stands out to me even more than some others. This is the Strength of independence, something we value quite a bit in this country. So, what are people with Self-Assurance like? Here are a few examples:

  • They have an internal confidence that allows them to operate independently.
  • They often don’t need to call a friend to ask “What are you wearing to that event?” because they feel confident in the decision they’ll make on their own.
  • They define what it means to “go with your gut.”
  • They hold very strong to their beliefs and values.
  • The often sound very certain and confident when speaking to other people (giving directions, sharing their opinion, selling things, etc.).
  • They don’t need much supervision from their bosses. They just need to know what to do, and then they’ll go get the work done.
  • They often go shopping by themselves because they know what they want and will get in and out quickly. They also rarely have buyer’s remorse.

Self-Assurance folks aren’t immune to uncertainty. They know that uncertainty exists. They just have great faith in their own abilities. They know when they can do something and operate with that confidence until it’s done.

This gives those with Self-Assurance a certain amount of courage. Where others might second guess themselves or hesitate, a Self-Assurance will move forward with confidence. If she experiences failure, she’ll take that as an opportunity for learning, will own up to the failure, and be ready to tackle the next thing.

nature-person-red-womanSelf-Assurance is very much in control of her own destiny, but her abilities don’t start and end with her. The super-power of someone with Self-Assurance, aside from their courage, is the ability to instill confidence in others! Not a lot of people have this strength (only 6%), but talking to your Self-Assurance friend will help give you the boost you need! They have the ability to inspire boldness and confidence in others. If this isn’t in your top-5 Strengths, you probably still have a certain amount of Self-Assurance. But if it is in your top-5, you can do so naturally and easily, what many people struggle with. Enjoy your Strength and share it with others!



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