Strength of the Week – Empathy

This week we’re looking at the Strengthfinder Strength of Empathy. This Strength is sort of what you’d expect it to be, but can be unexpected in many ways.

People with Empathy in their top-5 Strengths have a sort of emotional radar. They are in tune with the emotions of the people around them, even reading the emotions of very large groups of people. They can also take on the emotions of others, and then can put words to those emotions, naming and explaining them, in a way that others couldn’t do for themselves.

pexels-photo-47444Empathies have the ability to relate to people in unique ways. If you’re struggling with something, if you feel no one understands you, you can go to your Empathy friend for help. She can sense what you’re feeling with very little explanation and she will probably be able to help you better express how you feel to everyone else! Empathies have the talent of naturally expressing tones, facial expressions, and body language that mirror what the other person is using. This will help you feel comfortable opening up.

Every Empathy has the ability to read what is going on with someone emotionally but not every Empathy will react the same way to those emotions. While you can expect great emotional intelligence from an Empathy, don’t expect her to react exactly how you want her to. Some Empathies might decide to approach a person who is looking sad or upset and have a conversation with her, but some others might not approach her and choose instead to alert her friend about it and let the friend go help her out. Each Empathy is different in that way, but each of them are better than most people at reading those emotions.


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