Think about a few people you know who are strong leaders and people you admire. This will be people you know from different walks of life, and you might have some fictional characters come to mind from your favorite book series too. Do you have 3-to-5 people in your head? Okay, good. Now, are they all similar? Do they each have similar styles, personalities, strengths, and skills? Or are they pretty different? I bet for most of you, they are all different and some might be pretty non-mainstream. But maybe you can find one particular thing they all have in common that really helps establish their status as leaders… CONFIDENCE!

Your confidence in yourself is what will give other people confidence in you. Whoever you are (or whoever you are becoming), be confident in it. You have no reason not to be. Confidence isn’t just something you achieve after you are exactly the person you want to be. That’s because humans are constantly evolving and striving for more. If we don’t have confidence until we are “finished” then no one ever would have any at all. Your imperfections, mistakes, and struggles don’t have to affect your confidence because we all have them. We’re all in the same boat, even those you admire the most. Be confident in who you are because you’re imperfect and you’re working to be better… that means you’re already a step ahead and more like those you admire than you think you are.



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