Strength of the Week – Analytical

This week we’re learning about a new Strength from the Strenghtsfinder assessment – Analytical.

Analyticals are a little obsessed with cause and effect. They love to ask questions in order to make that connection. Some of the questions you might hear from an Analytical are:Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

  • What happened?
  • How did we get here?
  • Where is the pattern?
  • What does that tell us?
  • How does it affect the outcome?

They’re always trying to answer the ultimate question: “Is this true?” and the only way to get there, for an Analytical is to look at facts and data.

Analyticals always seek precision and accuracy, no matter the subject. For example, she’s the person who corrects you when you say “I’m literally dying” while you’re laughing so hard you can’t catch your breath… “Well, you’re not LITERALLY dying. It’s figuratively.” might be her response.

Are you an Analytical? If so, be aware that all your questioning might make other people defensive. Be sure to pay close attention to social cues that it is time to stop questioning. You might be a pretty serious person but that doesn’t mean you’ll have trouble making connections with people. Your Analytical can help others trust your judgment, and trust you as a person. You might be really happy in a job where you can use your analytical skills. Look into becoming a data analyst, researcher, editor, or database manager.

Do you know someone who is an Analytical? Their ability to simplify something that seems just too complex to everyone else can be very helpful on your team. They are expert explainers because they are always searching for explanations inside their head. Don’t mistake their questioning and critical thinking for disapproval. They may love your thoughts and ideas, it’s just always in their nature to question. If your Analytical friend gets stuck questioning and thinking too much, just gently remind her that her strength has already been helpful and that it’s now time to stop thinking and start acting.





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