Strength of the Week – Ideation

We’re talking about some more Strengths from the Strengthsfinder assessment today. This is a fun one and easy to identify in others. I love seeing this in action and shouting “That’s your Ideation at work!”

Ideation literally means you are great at coming up with ideas. Some things an Ideation might be caught saying throughout the day:


Ideations love all ideas. They like trying new things, or coming up with new ways to accomplish the same old thing. They never get bored because their minds are always working coming up with things they want to do, see, or learn, or thinking about the problems they’ve encountered during the week and ideas for how to solve them!

You might be an Ideation if you:

  • Get a jolt of energy from discussing new ideas
  • Find coming up with ideas really easy while everyone around you struggles with it
  • Like complex tasks, problems, or puzzles
  • Have trouble sleeping because you can’t shut your mind off
  • Love it when you’re given very little instructions on how to do something so that you can come up with your own ideas
  • Don’t like saying or hearing other people say “I don’t know” or “I can’t”

The thing about Ideation is, ideas are great but they’re nothing if you can’t put them into action. As someone with Ideation grows, matures, and gains more experience, she will learn how to do this. That will probably come from her experience working with people who are great at putting things into action. She’ll learn a lot from them and will partner with them to make her ideas a reality.pexels-photo-26943-large


While an Ideation is great at coming up with ideas, those might not always actually be great ideas. But that’s okay! You’re so good at coming up with them, you’ll be able to recover from a bad idea with 4 great ones! You’ll also get better at figuring out which ideas are really good over time.


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