Strength of the Week – Activator

Let’s discuss another new Strength this week from the Strengthsfinder assessment. Activator! This is another one that is easy to understand. Activators like to act on things. They hate to wait. They like to get started on something NOW – go go go!

young-game-match-kidsHave you ever been in a Rainbow meeting to share ideas and create goals for the term? Or maybe a group project for school talking about how you’ll do a presentation? Sometimes you leave these meetings with great ideas but no one acts on them right away, or even the ideas fizzle out to never become reality. But sometimes there’s one or two people who really start getting things going. It’s the Activators in the group who say “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” and start working immediately. They can’t help it. They just cannot sit and wait.

If you’re an Activator you might get frustrated that others aren’t able to follow you into action quickly enough, or that you’re always waiting for people to catch up. You meet your deadlines early. If you’re working on a group project of any sort you’re usually waiting for others to start their parts when you’re already done with yours.

It can be challenging to work together when people are working at different paces. That’s the beauty of Strengths. It teaches us to understand and appreciate our differences. It isn’t always good to begin work right away. Sometimes you have to plan and strategize. Sometimes you have to wait for the right moment to act. The “thinking” and planning strengths will guide the way. Sometimes you have to stop discussing and just act. Strike while the iron is hot! Activators are like the rockets that launch our great ideas into the atmosphere. And they aren’t only good at this, they get great satisfaction from it.



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