We Are Family

pexels-photo-27118Family. They are our very first introduction to the world. We see and learn everything with them. They not only teach the very basics of what we need to know as children, they also show us, by example, how to live life as adults. They are our first examples of leadership.

As we gather with family this Thanksgiving, take a look at those around you. What have each of them taught you about leadership? Who is the best listener? The best speaker? Who taught you the most about patience? About generosity, respect, focus, diligence, or how to be analytical?

You might have even learned something about who you don’t want to be from your family. Maybe you come from a very loud, rambunctious family who taught you the value of serenity and harmony. Maybe you have a very small family and that made you want to be a part of very large groups, organizations, and teams.

No matter what, your family played an important part of who you are today and will continue to as you change and grow in life. Knowing who and where you come from is an important part of knowing who you are. This is a great time of year to reflect on that.


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