Breaking Bread

pexels-photoWe’ve all heard the term “breaking bread,” as in sharing a meal with someone. We just did that last week for Thanksgiving! But this is a widely  used term, and used in all sorts of environments, even professional ones. Have you ever wondered how it has endured and remained so popular? Also, why do we care about sharing a meal with people?

Sharing a meal, the act of eating with people is one that fosters bonding. This is why we all have refreshments together after Rainbow meetings. It’s why family dinners mean so much to our parents and our grandparents. They know the importance. They know this is where memories are made, and where foundations are laid. This is where people talk, laugh, and share personal information that helps you connect with one another. This is where people become friends! We all know this from our time in Rainbow.

For those of us who have been in the working world, we know the value of this in the workplace. A job among coworkers with whom you have bonded is so much more satisfying. Those bonds are often formed during outings at lunch, sharing coffee in the morning, or snacking on birthday cake in the breakroom. If you are in any sort of group and are feeling a lack of camaraderie or some difficulty working together, consider taking this lesson as an opportunity to make a small leadership step. Bring some snacks the next time everyone gets together. Something as small as a bag of chips or crackers. You can find some great stuff at the dollar store. My local doughnut shop sells doughnut holes for $1.50 a dozen. If you cook or bake, even better. This will be a small step and it won’t immediately make everything easy, but it’s a step in the right direction and it’s an opportunity for you to show some leadership even when you might not formally be the leader of your group/club/work.


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